Alphacomm Integration via Chrome Extension

Wireless Standard allows sending orders made on Alphacomm web site as Purchase Orders to store or stores in Wireless Standard.

Please note that you will need valid Purchasing SDK credentials as well as valid Alphacomm web site login and password in order to use the plugin.


Install the extension directly from Google Chrome Web Store:

Once extension is installed it has to be configured, using credentials obtained from Client Support:

Copy and paste credentials from text provided and click Submit. The plugin is now ready to be used.

NOTE: orders can be captured from either last page before placing an order or from order history page.

When on the correct page to capture the order, the plugin will present a list of stores configured to receive purchase orders.


Select store or stores to send the Purchase Order to and click Send Data button.


Once Purchase Order is sent it is immediately available in Wireless Standard for receiving.


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