Transaction Audit Report

The purpose of Transaction Audit Report is to highlight errors made during data entry into POS and allow dealers to take appropriate actions.

The report consists of several tabs each containing transactions with a specific data entry issue. Transactions may appear on multiple tabs due to having multiple issues.

Action Item: review the report to see if there are any systemic issues with data entry. Is your Wireless Standard Point of Sale set up correctly? Are you employees following proper ringing procedures? Are these honest mistakes or attempts at fraud?

The following errors are currently being tracked:

Error 1: 2 or more activations in the same transaction (system sees 2 or more different Activation Numbers with the same TransID and same ESN or MDN). One TransID produces a single error, regardless of a number of activations.

Error 2: No IMEI in the transaction but MDN is present (so it's not a SIM card sale). 1 transaction produces 1 error.

Error 3: 2 or more transactions with the same ESN during the same day. 1 ESN = 1 error, regardless of a number of transactions.

Error 4: SIM card length (SIM# column) - must be 21 character long (T-Mobile/MetroPCS put F at the end: 8901260322XXXXXXXXXF). SIM serial number is wrong

Error 5: First 6 characters of SIM ("SIM#" column) must be same for MetroPCS. For example: 8901260322XXXXXXXXXF - always the same for MetroPCS. If numbers don't match, then the SIM Serial is invalid for MetroPCS.

Error 6: For MetroPCS devices, all ESNs ("Serial#" column: 864792XXXXXXXXX ) would be the same length - between 14 and 16 characters. “Customer Phone” devices in “Category” column are excluded.

Error 7: MDN validation - all digits are the same or sequential (ex: 555-555-5555, 123-456-7890)

Error 9: Serial starts with 9999999xxxx or test SKU is used in transaction

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