Disqualified Transactions Report

The purpose of Disqualified Transaction report is to pair disqualified transactions reported by carrier file with matched transactions from Wireless Standard.

We are tracking more than 20 disqualification rules (as opposed to 11 that MetroPCS provides in their Disqualified Transactions report) and provide an elaborate description for many of them to help dealers better understand reasons for disqualification.

The report contains two separate tabs.

Disqualified Matched - all Disqualified transactions that the system was able to match to corresponding Wireless Standard transactions. This will help you understand what happened in cash register and why the transaction was disqualified - was it a result of something a salesperson did during sale or was the transaction processed correctly and something had affected the status of the transaction afterward.

Disqualified Unmatched - all Disqualified transactions that the system was not able to match to Wireless Standard transactions. This may be because those transactions were processed outside of Wireless Standard. We advise investigating why these transactions were processed in this way.

Each of the worksheets contains 2 service columns:

ON_TAR - indicates if the disqualified record is present on Transaction Audit Report. This may help identify the root cause of the disqualification as data entry or potential fraud.

ON_MTR - indicates if the disqualified record matches others on Matched Transaction Report. This may help to see a bigger picture and prevent unnecessary disputes as a disqualified transaction can be a part of a larger interaction with a customer and other parts of interaction have earned different commissions.

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