Commission Reconciliation File

The Commission Reconciliation File provides a comprehensive overview of transactions conducted by dealer's stores during the given reporting period. The information from the Commission Reconciliation file allows a dealer to see the full picture, grouping transactions from multiple systems together for better understanding of the history of each customer and their phones, providing an overview as well as detailed look into each transaction.


The file is broken into following tabs for easier access to specific problematic areas:

  • Fully Paid - all transactions that are matched and fully paid. The dealer may review them but generally, there is no action required on the data in this tab.
  • Not fully paid - all matched transactions that are Unpaid, Underpaid and Overpaid that have not been disqualified by the carrier. Unless a specific error is shown for a transaction an investigation or a dispute is needed.
  • Disqualified - Full Transaction - full transactions where at least one disqualification is present. We recommend reviewing the data in this tab to determine possible mistakes that employees may have made while processing transactions that were disqualified.
  • Disqualified - Not in POS - all non-matched transactions from Callidus that were disqualified. These transactions were not present in Wireless Standard but appear as disqualified in Callidus. We strongly recommend investigating these transactions as they may potentially be indicative of fraud.
  • MDN Change - all MDN Change transactions from Callidus. If the number of transactions is significantly higher than expected - this may indicate fraudulent activities at the store.
  • SPIFFs - all SPIFFs that are not "Apple Box SPIFF" (Apple Box SPIFF will be attached to activation transactions).
  • Returns and MetroPromise - All returns from Callidus and Wireless Standard.
  • Carrier Exceptions - transactions that were not matched between systems and need to be investigated.
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