Matched Transaction Report

The purpose of Matched Transactions Report is to provide a complete set of transactions from both systems that match based on various criteria. This combination allows a dealer to see the full picture, grouping transactions from multiple systems together for better understanding of the history of each customer and their phones.

Action Item: review all commission payments, analyze underpaid and overpaid and potentially dispute them with MetroPCS.

Matched transaction report is broken down into following worksheets:

Matched by Subscriber ID

All transactions in carrier file and Wireless Standard should match by Account Number and Subscriber ID. Customers can swap phones, change phone numbers and plans, the Subscriber ID is the unique way to identify your customer in the system. This worksheet contains all matching transactions from both carrier file and Point of Sale matched by account number and subscriber ID within report's period.

Matched by ESN

The remaining transactions are then matched by ESN. It is possible to identify swaps in family plans or multiple activations of the same ESN that were not matched by Subscriber ID.

Matched by MDN

If transactions aren't matched by Subscriber ID and ESN the last chance to match carrier file and point of sale data is by phone number (or MDN). Due to aggressive timing in recycling phone numbers, the match is only done for the past seven days, instead of reporting period.

All transactions that have not been matched by either Subscriber ID, ESN or phone number are then extracted into Unmatched Callidus and Unmatched WS reports.

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