About MetroPCS Carrier Commission Program

The MetroPCS Carrier Commission Program is a product of B2B Soft, Inc that assist MetroPCS dealers in establishing a correct process in entering data into Wireless Standard Point Of Sale system, reconciling the POS data with Carrier files and being able to understand and successfully dispute carrier exceptions.

Program's intent is to improve overall dealer efficiency:

  • Improve data entry quality
  • Reduce fraud by making ringing procedures clearer and detecting fraud easier
  • Help dealers reconcile their carrier commissions faster and easier
  • Remove as much of manual work from the process as possible
  • Help dealers recover both hard and soft dollars through the improved process

The program features the following:

  • Automated data collection from Wireless Standard
  • Automated data collection from Carrier's commission system
  • Automated transaction matching between both systems
  • Weekly reconciliation reports:
    • Status Dashboard: At-A-Glance look at your overall status, including the total number of fully paid, partially paid, unpaid and overpaid transactions, disqualified vs qualified transactions, etc.
    • Unmatched Transactions Report: A list of transactions registered in Wireless Standard POS and in Callidus system that cannot be matched between systems.
    • Matched Transactions: A list of all matching transactions between Callidus and Wireless Standard. If your projected commissions are set up correctly then you will see a "Fully Paid", "Partially paid", "Unpaid" status for each matched transaction. This is your comprehensive commission reconciliation report that paints a full picture.



If you want to join and receive full benefits
of MetroPCS carrier commission reconciliation program -
contact our sales team today at (212) 742-2301 or open a ticket.

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