Unmatched Callidus Report

The purpose of Unmatched Callidus report is to isolate all transactions found in Callidus file that are not present in Wireless Standard. There are multiple reasons why transactions from WS may not match Callidus records - Subscriber ID is missing, a transaction was processed outside of WS, etc.

Action Item - review the transactions and investigate the reason why transactions in Callidus do not match point of sale data. Potential reasons may include system connectivity issues, violation of ringing procedures (ex: not processing MDN change in Wireless Standard) and fraud.


Unmatched Callidus report consists of the following tabs: 

MDN Change - contains all transactions with MDN change. MetroPCS recognizes commissions for this type of transactions and dealers are encouraged to process them through Wireless Standard in order to maintain proper accounting.

Returns - contains transactions marked as Returns. These transactions are not usually found in Wireless Standard but are important for dealers to review due to long and complex RMA process. Separating these transactions into a separate worksheet makes identifying them easier and removes another manual task from the dealer.

Others - all other types of transactions that system was unable to match. May contain orphaned parts of transactions processed during previous reporting periods, general purpose SPIFFs (for example: compensation for fixtures for a new store), chargebacks and transactions processed outside of Wireless Standard.

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