Disqualification Reasons

The table below presents disqualification reasons that can be found in MetroPCS carrier reports.

Description Notes
01 Active Sub rule: Subscriber is not active at the end of the day.  Applies to all compensation elements.

Applies to all compensation elements.

Ex: phone was activated in WS/EDGE, but didn't accept payment in QPay. At midnight the phone will be deactivated with this reason code.

02 Prior History rule: Device upgrade is disqualified for prior usage history. When transferring service to an older device or device was not deactivated on T-Mobile/MetroPCS network
03 Origin rule: Device does not have a BrightPoint/SAP shipment record and is not a BYOD device. Applies to New Acts and Upgrades.  
06 Account balance rule:  Customer account is not current.  Applies to all compensation elements.

When processing add-a-line or change plan and EOD balance is not $0 then transaction gets disqualified.

Ex: additional line is +$35 + 3 QPay fee. If an employee forgets to charge $3 fee then the account would still have a remaining balance at the EOD and dealer would not receive the commission.

 07 Same day upgrade rule: Device upgrade is disqualified for the same day as new activation or another device upgrade for the same subscriber. When the upgrade is processed as "buyer's remorse" return and then a new device is activated - the dealer loses commission on the initial sale.
08  Multi-Upgrade rule: All device upgrades must not occur within 30 days of new activation and BYOD handset upgrades must not occur within 90 days of a previous BYOD handset upgrade for the same subscriber.  
11  3-day React Rule: Device was not disconnected at least 3 full calendar days prior to reactivation.  If the device was used on T-Mobile/MetroPCS network within last 3 full days dealer does not get a commission.
The customer has to deactivate the phone with the carrier to get it off the network.
14  Same Day React Rule: Reacts are disqualified if customer upgrades on the same date.  Reactivate device then upgrade to a new phone on the same date disqualifies dealer from getting a commission on reactivation.
15  Termination rule: Terminated dealers and doors do not qualify for compensation Dealer loses all commissions/payments due to him since last QPay payment


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