Field Replacement Setup

Field Replacement Unit” (FRU) – some stores provide the replacement services for defective phones that are under warranty.

Basically, a customer drops off a defective phone that is also under warranty; the store ships the defective phone to warranty center. Once the replacement phone arrives at the store, they contact the customer for pick up.


  1. Create a FRU exchange fee
  2. Create a generic serial product - called FRU Phone Drop Off
  1. Configuration/ Sales: Customer Return & Exchange tab.
    • FRU: Enable Service
    • Browse/select FRU exchange fee
    • Enter the # of days, that if past, a charge will be applied. 
  1. Develop Stock Identification:
    • Manage/ Stock/ Bin & Grade Codes
      • Create a FRU Bin
      • Create a Grade Code
    • Manage/ Stock/ Bin Rule Manager
      • Customer Return (Receiving) / FRU tab
      • Create a “Reason Code”. Assign a Bin, a Grade Code, & set as the “Default” option in the “Active” column
    • Now a “FRU” button will appear in the “Returns/Exchanges” screen 


NOTE: FRU (return) can only be done on the day the replacement phone gets picked up by customer.

  • Click the “Returns” button.
  • Then select the “FRU” button
  • Check the “Account is active” box – then record the equipment activation date.
    • Once indicated this will trigger the FRU exchange fee, (if applicable).
  • For the Returned Phone: Use the generic product called “FRU Phone Drop Off”. (This product can be modified (if user permissions allow) in the description area of the “Exchange” screen.
  • For the New Phone: Enter the serial # of the returned phone {this phone should have been received into inventory prior to the customer picking up the replacement phone.}


  • Reports/ Sales/ FRU Transactions
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