How do I apply a price profile to a customer account?

  1. Click on the “Settings” tab.
  2. The default setting is 'Accept Checks'. You may change the profile by clicking on the drop down arrow.
  3. You can adjust the credit limit, by removing the check by the “Default” box.
  4. Click the chooser button (see image 8), to choose the appropriate profile. 


(Image 5 - Customer Screen) 

Note - The transfer process is the same as any store transfer.

  • The warehouse will be able to see the sale in the Sales Log Viewer Report. However, the data will ONLY appear after the sub-dealer /retail store receives the products in Store Transfer menu.

(Image 6 - Sales Log Viewer screen) 

A transaction can be voided, but only from the sub-dealer/retail store location that was set to receive the products. That specific store can use the “Document Finder” tool to locate the specific transaction.

  • Open the specific transaction, and then select void. Once the transaction is voided from the retail store end, it will appear as voided in the warehouse’s Sales Log Viewer report.

*However, the void function is only possible if you performed the “Store Transfer Shipping” and Store Transfer Receiving functions SEPARATELY.

**Note: If you used the Ship and Receive option in the “Store Transfer” window – you will not be able to void neither the sale nor the receiving.

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