How do I make price changes to pricing when transfering products to the retail / sub-dealer locations?

Using the Price Profile Manager - To Modify Prices from Warehouse to Sub-Dealer/ Retail Stores

The Price Profile Manager is a tool used to apply specific prices to specific customers, (in most cases, for sub-dealers). The new “Suggested Retail Price”, is the Sub-Dealer’s purchase price, which gets applied when the warehouse transfers products to the retail stores.


  • To Create a Price Profile – Go to the Manage/ Customers menu / Price Profile Manager:

         - Use the “Cost Driven” method (the default settings)

         - Enter a Profile Name and a Code

  • In the new window – Click on the “Search” button

         - This click with populate a complete list of all your products

  • Now verify the Sub-Dealer’s purchase price in theSuggested Retail Price” column. Keep in mind that each row represents a specific product.
  • Place a check in the first column, for any products you want to enter a new “Suggested Retail Price” – the cost to the sub-dealer.

          - Enter the new value in product’s row, under the “Suggested Retail Price” column.

NOTE: If you want to modify multiple products at the same time, use the “Set Value” tool on the left side. Then in the pop up window, select “Suggested Retail Price”. (Use this method if you want to apply the same $ sub-dealer cost to all the products you checked check.

  • Note: Wireless Standard will automatically calculate the other figures automatically -
    • The Margin $ (difference) between the warehouse cost & the sub-dealer’s cost
    • The Margin % (difference) between the warehouse cost & the sub-dealer’s cost
  • Keep in mind, that the “Retail Price” in this window reflects what has been entered as the retail price on the product’s profile/Product Manager, on the “Details” tab.
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