How do I add discounts to an existing product?

This configuration is necessary to enable the discount / coupon module. Once enabled the minimum price feature is removed from the product manager and you can no longer change prices in the shopping cart. This functionality is now controlled within this module.

Using this module adds an additional screen to the POS that shows discounts .


To open the coupon / discount manager go to the main menu. Click search to see a list of all coupons / discounts created; you can use the filters available to make more specific selections.

To create a new discount click the new button. A window will open that asks you to define the type of discount you are creating.

To create a simple discount on a product choose the above configuration. 

The below configuration screen opens showing various options to configure a discount or a coupon.

Certain criteria must be filled out, some is optional.

Simple discounts / coupons can be percentage or dollar amount deducted from the original price or you can change the price of an item

Employee groups that can use the discounts you set up are chosen below. This is not applicable if discounts are automatically applied.

These employee groups are defined under the human resource tab in the employee profile editor, labeled discount, this is part of the User Administrator module. To define a discount group go to >manage > administrative tools > business groups; click on the discount tab.

When you add an employee to a discount group they can use the discounts.

The advanced tab gives you additional options of how discounts can be applied at the point of sale.

The applying criteria tab is where you would set up the products you want to apply the discount to.

Select the products you want the discount to apply to. Use the above selection to drill down to the right category, department or manufacturer.

Once you select a specific product group the drop down menu will populate with the product tree as seen in web reports. You can then select the product you want to apply the discount to.

You can also choose a price range within the product tree that you want the discount to apply to.

Choose a price you would like discounts to begin or end at; you can choose either or both.

With the discount / coupon module active the POS screen now has a second screen that opens when you click the apply discounts button.

The discount screen shows all the discounts that are available to the user. The red circle X indicates that this discount can be removed. Discounts not configured to be applied automatically can be chosen.

All discounts can be configured to be exclusive or allowed to be combined with other discounts. The above icons will show this status. 


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