PreCash Activation Process

Client Verification

  • Once the new client verifies that they will be processing PreCash bill payments :
    • Send an email to the client, requesting them to verify the physical address for their store.

Submitting Client’s Template

  • Once you receive the client’s response/information:
    • Fill out the PreCash template with the information the client provided.
    • Save the completed template under the client’s name.
    • Then send the completed template to Tom DeVor:
      • Expect a response from within 7-10 business days. However, send Tom a follow up email in 7 business days if necessary.

In the meantime:

Create the Client’s PreCash Product Upload

  • Log into the client’s DB and make sure that the following have been added: PreCash manufacturer, PreCash department, and the two categories, Bill Payments and ePins.
  • Use the most recent PreCash product upload list – Inbox/
  • Using the support portal, export the client’s dictionaries and note the id #’s for the PreCash credentials, (manufacturer, department and categories).
  • Using the support portal, also export the products template, save in the client’s folder.
    • Use this file to build the client’s product upload template (making sure that system category is 0, the inventory type id is 3, that the pricing is 0, and that the active column is set to Y).
    • Save this file in the “Client’s Documents Folder”.
    • Then upload the new PreCash Product template.
    • Check to see if the PreCash products appear in the client’s DB.
    • Update the CRM notes.

Activate PreCash Service

  • Using the support portal:
    • Load Data tab/ Properties section: Click on the “Open” button
    • Copy the template (the 3 rows)**for each location
    • Insert the client’s credentials received by PreCash
      • In the Property value column: Fill in Merchant ID and the PreCash User ID - however, the PreCash UserPass remains the same for all dealers: b2b14mdp
      • Enter the Location ID for each row

Image 1 – This is an example of a client’s template with one location

  • Once completed - Save the template to the client’s folder


Image 2

Image 3 – You should now see the client’s PreCash information in the “View Properties” tab

  • Change the status to “Active”, and then click on the “Save” button.
  • Log into the client’s DB, and test the PreCash service.
  • Notify the client that the PreCash integration is active.
  • Update CRM notes.
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