I want to return merchandise back to a vendor / distributor.

This feature is used to document a request for the return of merchandise to a vendor or distributor. Wireless Standard captures the request within the system & records the inventory items and their ESN/IMEI number. This document can then be printed or exported to a file format, such as PDF, and sent to the vendor for approval and an RMA number.

Return Request:

  1. Open the inventory work center on the main toolbar & chose return to menu. Wireless Standard pulls data from the business address book to identify vendor/ distributor / manufacturer information. In the additional information tab, a user can make notes and record helpful information. A request to return merchandise is completed by location, vendor, and how the merchant will be credited or paid for the returned items. The return request can then be saved as a draft for further editing or posted and be recorded in the system.


Scan / Enter Serial Numbers

Additional information for notes & other tracking.

Vendor Approval:

  1. This is optional in Wireless Standard and gives the user the opportunity to capture additional data about the return process. This option can be turned on or off by using the configuration screen. A user can choose a return request from a drop down menu and record an RMA number given by a vendor. This function separates requested returns from those that have been approved since it cannot be posted or saved as a draft without entering an RMA. number. The vendor return approval document can then be searched for in the Wireless Standard document finder to view merchandise that has been approved for return and ready for shipment back to the vendor.


Ship Items:

  1. This part of the workflow can be used separately from the return request or vendor approval. By selecting ship express a user can enter product /UPC numbers and ship back to a vendor; this is the part of the return to vendor process that takes the item off the inventory. It is necessary to enter RMA # in order to post or save as a draft. If used along with a return request or a vendor approval you can choose the request or approval from the drop down menu.


RMA Reconciliation:

  1. View credits/exchange/payments/repairs that have been applied by choosing the return type that was selected during the ship items function. You can filter by store, vendor, reason code and other criteria at the top of the screen. The paid field shows any payments/credits that have already been applied while the payment/credit field will populate with the payment you apply by selecting paid in full or applying a payment using the set value option. You then choose to change the status of the shipped item to closed or leave it open to show a balance due from the vendor.

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