Creating Commission Payout Profiles


A Commission Profile is the set of commission rules which are used by the commissions’ engine (SFCE) in order to calculate pay out commissions on the items sold.

A Commission Profile can contain one or multiple rules.

To create a commission profile:

  1. Go to Performance Management page from the main menu and click Commission Rules.
  2. Click Create Profile
  3. Enter the name of the profile in the Profile Name A profile name must be unique.
  4. In the Profile Based On drop-down list, select whether this profile is designed to calculate commissions for an employee or location.

Once the profile is saved, the Profile Based On value cannot be changed.

  1. Select the Active checkbox to enable this profile for being assigned.
  2. Click OK.

The profile now appears in the Performance Management – Commission Rules grid. Once a profile is created, rules shall be added to the profile.

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