How do I calculate commissions?

To calculate commissions:

  1. Go to Performance Management page from the main menu and click Commissions Audit.
  2. Select the period for which you want to calculate commissions.
  3. Select the following settings if applicable to your company:
  • Tax exempt at zero commissions – select this checkbox if items sold to tax exempt customers shall not generate.
  • Return without receipt at zero commissions - select this checkbox if items returned without receipt shall not generate commissions. If this checkbox is not selected, the commissions will be negative for the returned items.
  1. Click Recalculate Commissions

The screen is locked while the commission calculation is in progress. It shall take up to 10 minutes depending on the number of transactions for the period, commission profiles assigned and the number of assigned employees and locations.

You can also recalculate commissions for previous or current month if you have:

  • Made changes to activations, commissionable employees, etc. in Wireless Standard;
  • changed commission rules in Commission Profiles assigned for the period;
  • Reassigned commission profiles.


  • Commissions Engine works based on monthly payroll schedule.
  • By default, Commission Engine calculates commissions nightly MTD for the current month. Commissions for previous months need to be recalculated manually.

Once your system crosses into next payroll period (1st of the month) the commissions will continue aggregating based on Commission Profile rules from previous period, but user can change Commission Profile either for next period, prior to its beginning; Or once the new period is started.

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