How to set up email/FTP subscription

We have an option to send out reports directly to your email\emails or FTP server:

1. Go to Reporting -> Reports -> e.g Inventory -> e.g Purchase Order Receiving Details -> Select a date range (e.g. if it will be a daily subscription select date range Today or Yesterday) -> in right upper corner click on a small arrow heading down called "Report option"-> go to Modify -> Add report to custom 

2. Once report added to Custom go to Report Options again (at the top right corner) -> Subscribe.

3. After that, it will let you enter email\emails (';' to separate email addresses) 

4. Also, you can select FTP server and type in your credentials below
Scroll down and go to Schedule, set the start/end date / pick how often you would like to receive this report and click on OK

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