[Video] Pickup Cash / Drop cash / Pay on account


[00:04] I would like to show you a little bit about this Operations button here
[00:09] so if you click Operations,
[00:11] what you can do is you can either drop more cash into the drawer
[00:15] or you can take more cash out of the drawer
[00:18] depending on what you want to do
[00:19] so, let’s say for Drop Cash-this would be placing more money into the drawer
[00:24] simply click Drop Cash
[00:26] and then type in the amount
[00:29] that you want to put into the drawer
[00:30] so say you’re adding another $100 to the drawer
[00:32] we’re just going to make a note of that
[00:35] to take money out of the drawer during the shift
[00:36] say to put into the safe or for whatever reason
[00:39] again, it’s Operations and then Pickup Cash
[00:43] and then you could just type in the amount that you’re taking out
[00:45] and it should give you the cash amount that’s within the drawer
[00:51] if you ever want to pay money onto a customer account
[00:54] this is similar to a layaway process
[01:00] so you would take money
[01:01] a customer walks in and they give you $50
[01:03] that they want to use at a later time
[01:06] what you would do is click Operations
[01:08] and then you would click Accept Payment here
[01:11] you would search for an existing customer
[01:13] or create a new one
[01:20] and then you would simply
[01:22] collect the money that they’re giving to put on their account
[01:25] either by cash or credit
[01:27] so let’s say they give you $50
[01:31] in cash to put on their account
[01:39] and this will be noted on the customer receipt
[01:52] so now Mark Johnson has this $50 balance
[01:57] so let’s say the customer comes in the next time and they want to apply that balance
[02:02] what we can do is click Customer Sale
[02:05] and we can search for “Mark”
[02:07] “Mark Johnson.” Double click.
[02:12] and now notice that on the top right they have a $50 balance here
[02:15] and you can apply that balance to any items
[02:18] whether it be activations, phone sales, bill payments, accessories
[02:23] all you’re going to do is ring out the customer and their item
[02:29] give any discount
[02:33] and then type in the amount of money
[02:35] that’s due in the Store Account field here
[02:44] and that will zero out the balance
[02:49] and it will be noted on the customer receipt
[02:57] that this was done with the money that was put on the account
[03:04] so the next time you open up the customer’s account
[03:10] you’ll see that the money has been deducted
[03:19] so now notice that on the top right
[03:21] Mark has $1.12 left.

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