Inventory - RMA - Ship Items

Click on ”Inventory Work Center” located on the main toolbar to open the following window:

At ”Inventory Work Center” in the ”RMA” section, click on ”Return to Vendor” to display the corresponding workflow.

Click on the ”Ship Items” button to open the following window:

Choose the vendor approval document and click ”OK”*

At the ”General” tab use the ”Quantity” field to enter the product quantity you are shipping, along with its ESN/IMEI information.

You can also use the ”Ship All” button to automatically enter shipping quantities and ESN/EMEI information.

Use the restocking fee method feature to enter the restocking fee for the shipping document or product line item(s) on the shipping document.

Once you have finished entering the shipping data click on the ”Post” button and the system will let you know that the ”Shipping” document has been successfully created.

Use the ”Save as Draft” button if you are not ready to ”Post” this shipping document.

Note: The status of the shipping document will stay open until you manually close it once the vendor fulfills his/her financial obligations on this RMA.

If you are shipping items for ”Exchange” or ”Repair,” once the vendor ships the RMA items back to your location, you will receive them as normal PO Receiving. You will need to use the ”Receive Express” option.

At the ”PO Receiving” window, go to the ”Additional Info” tab and check the ”Exchange for Return” option along with the RMA number.

To see what is still outstanding, you can run RMA reports to display all RMA's on exchange with all shipping and receiving documents linked to a particular RMA number.

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