RMA - Return Requests (Vendor)

Click on ”Inventory Work Center” located on the main toolbar, to open the following window:

At the ”Inventory Work Center” in the ”RMA” section, click on the ”Return to Vendor” function to display the corresponding work flow. (Figure 1)

Click on the ”Request Return” button to open the following window:

Choose the vendor you are returning items for and click ”OK

At the ”General” tab specify your return type - credit, exchange, payment, etc.

Use the ”Product Look Up” and ”Quantity” fields to enter the products you wish to return, along with their ESN/IMEI information. (Figure 3)

At the ”Additional Info” (Figure 4)tab you can enter more information into the corresponding fields, such as: notes, memos, shipping information, etc.

Once you have finished entering the request data, click on the ”Post” button and the system will let you know that the request return document has been successfully created.

Use the ”Save as Draft” button if you are not ready to ”Post” this request return document.

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