Carrier Commissions Reconciliation

The method of commissions calculation can be specified in “Carrier Commission Schedule Management” section in your app (File -> Configuration -> Modules -> Administration -> General) (Pic 1).

“Old“ clients have “From Commission/Pricing Matrix Manager” option set by default, “Retail interact clients have “From File” by default.

If “From File” option in Configuration screen is set, the “Commission/Pricing Matrix Manager” becomes inactive and user will receive Wireless Standard Message (Pic 2):

(Pic 2)

Also the “Commission tab” in Service Plan manager will disappear when the “From File” option is set.

In case the Client needs to set commissions, he/she goes to “Commissions” -> “Carrier Commission Schedule” and selects “Import” option (Pic 3). After that, Excel file (Pic 5) is needed to be chosen in “Open” window that will pop up after “Import” option will be selected, and click “Open” (Pic 4).

(Pic 3)

(Pic 4)

(Pic 5)

If any wrong or incorrect information is present in Excel file during the import process, this screen will pop up with fields having the incorrect information highlighted with red color and at the end of the line there will be a description of the highlighted information.

Once the information in the Excel file is correct, Wireless Standard Message will pop up (Pic 6)

(Pic 6)

Note: Any Clients Selling Multiple Carriers Will Need to Import Separate Excel files for each one.
Note: If Commissions need to be input for multiple action items (e.g. Service Pans, Plan Options), they should be separated by “,” symbol.

(Pic 7).

Exporting Excel file for further commissions set up
In case the Client needs to change or view commissions settings at a future time after the original import has been completed, he/she should go to “Commissions” -> “Carrier Commission Schedule” and selects “Export” option (Pic 8). After that, Excel file will be opened automatically and will be ready for further modification.

(Pic 8)

In case it is needed to view Expected Commission History, Summary for Period, Payments on Commission History or commissions settings in Wireless Standard please go to “Commissions” -> “Commission Item Manager”(Pic 9-10)


(Pic 9-10)

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