[Video] Open Register and Float

[00:05] open the register
[00:07] so to do this you’re going to click POS
[00:09] this “dollar” symbol on the top left
[00:15] and then notice you’ll see that the register is closed
[00:18] and to open the register you’re simply going to click Open POS here
[00:24] now when you click Open POS it will give you a System Count
[00:29] and this number is what currently should be in the drawer
[00:34] now if you’re first starting
[00:38] and you’re opening the register
[00:40] and you don’t have anything currently in the drawer
[00:42] and you want to make a note and
[00:45] let the system know that you know
[00:47] say $200 to start
[00:50] you could do so here in the Manual Count
[00:54] or you could type in
[00:56] that 200 in the Float Adjustment
[00:58] so the difference between the Float Adjustment and the Manual Count
[01:01] the Float Adjustment is
[01:02] money that you are going them with day to day
[01:06] so you’re always going to open up with that same amount of money
[01:08] you can always put it in this Float Adjustment area
[01:12] if your
[01:15] money will change that you’re opening with
[01:17] you can
[01:19] make a note of it here in Manual Count
[01:22] so say it’s 100 tomorrow
[01:25] 90 the following day
[01:26] you can always make a note of how much you’re opening with in the Manual Count
[01:31] but as far as the float adjustment
[01:32] it would always be
[01:35] day to day the same amount of money
[01:38] then we’re simply going to click OK
[01:40] and now we’ll open the register

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