[Video] Report Subscription

[00:05] now if you are to choose subscribe
[00:10] it’ll ask you to set up the emails that you’ll be receiving
[00:13] so when you subscribe to a report on Wireless Standard
[00:17] what you’re doing is you’re having emails sent out
[00:19] in intervals
[00:20] and you determine how often they’re sent out
[00:23] and when they would stop
[00:26] so Subject would be the subject of the email
[00:33] Recipients
[00:42] email addresses
[00:44] Comments
[00:48] that’s what the body of the email would look like
[00:52] now these will be sent out as an attachment
[00:54] as an Excel attachment
[00:59] now if you choose to have these sent once
[01:00] you can just click Once
[01:02] and click OK
[01:03 ]and then it’ll send it to you
[01:04] or you can select date ranges
[01:08] so if you wanted to start on a certain date
[01:09] and end on a certain date
[01:11] you click on End and then you choose End
[01:15] you could choose to have these reports
[01:17] emailed to you once, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly
[01:24] I have a lot of clients that the first thing they did
[01:26] was they subscribed to their own daily sales reports
[01:29] and they receive theirs every day now
[01:32] so they don’t have to go looking for them
[01:40] now we’re going to go back to the reports
[01:44] take a look at some of our other reports including
[01:48] Commissions
[01:52] here with metro we have Callidus
[02:57] over here we have Employee Commissions Details
[02:00] Summaries
[02:01] and we also have location details and summaries
[02:08] over here Sales
[02:12] we have many sales
[02:13] we have Key Stats by Location and Key Stats by Employees
[02:18] which will bring us to our next part of our training today which will be the KPI
[02:39] so KPI is a section we have in the reporting module
[02:42] and this is a Key Performance Indicator
[02:47] now what it is is you’re establishing for your company your set goals
[02:53] what do you expect from your employees
[02:54] how much you expect them to sell
[02:56] and so forth
[02:57] you could also track commissions using the KPI

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