[Video] Adjusting Inventory

[00:07] if you ever had to adjust your inventory manually
[00:11] so say you wanted to take something out of stock
[00:14] without having to sell it
[00:16] now only administrators have access to this area
[00:20] so keep in mind
[00:21] you know managers and sales reps
[00:22] they’re not going to be able to you know
[00:24] physically take things out of the system
[00:26] without selling them
[00:27] but what you would do is you would click Inventory Adjustment here on the left
[00:31] and then you would click subtract
[00:33] under Adjustment
[00:34] on the right
[00:39] and then what you can do is simply look up the items that you’d like to get rid of
[00:43] so for instance let’s say we want to get rid of a cell phone
[00:50] here again you’re going to get
[00:52] the box that’s asking for
[00:54] how many you’d like to get rid of of the product
[00:56] and the serial numbers
[00:58] that are associated
[00:59] so right now we have you know
[01:01] 571 of this product in stock
[01:04] let’s say we just want to get rid of one
[01:06] we’ll type in "1" and then Enter
[01:08] and then we’re going to go ahead and
[01:16] scan in the serial number
[01:18] of this product and
[01:20] the system will recognize the serial number
[01:23] you can also if you don’t have access
[01:25] you could always
[01:27] click the box on the right here
[01:30] and then you can double-click
[01:31] whichever serial number you’d like to get rid of
[01:56] Cassidy I’ll answer your question towards the end
[02:00] and we’ll take care of that
[02:01] I’ll assist you
[02:05] thank you
[02:07] okay so when we’re ready to get rid of this item
[02:11] we’re simply going to click Post
[02:13] on the top left
[02:14] now keep in mind
[02:16] you can always put in a note here
[02:17] as far as the reasoning behind why you’re getting rid of the item
[02:21] say you gave it to
[02:22] you know
[02:23] an employee
[02:24] as a gift or
[02:25] simply the wrong serial number was entered
[02:28] that way when you run a report
[02:30] on inventory adjustments
[02:31] you’ll see
[02:33] that this item
[02:35] was removed for
[02:37] whichever reason

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