Phone Exchange Process

Customer Return & Exchange

1- In order to process phone exchanges for an existing activation sale, please go to POS > Returns

2- In Returns center window, please click on Phone Exchange:

3- Search for the customer, and highlight it then highlight the activation sale.,
After that click on View/Edit.

4- Once the original activation sale appears, click on the green arrow beside the phone model to open the phone exchange screen.

5- Delete the old serial > scan the new serial of the new phone > modify the date > then click on the Exchange Phone button:

6- You will receive the warning message below:
- No > the old phone will not be added back to your inventory.
- Yes > the old phone will be added back to your inventory.

7- The old and the new phone will be added to your cart.
Red color: The returned phone
Black color: The new phone
Tender the transaction and print the receipt for exchange.

If you have a permissions to change the unit price of the new phone, so you can make it equal, more or less the original price, also you can apply a discount as well.

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