[Video] Serial Tracking

[00:06] the next item I’d like to go over is the
[00:09] serial tracking
[00:10] now this is more of a tool
[00:13] as opposed to a report
[00:15] but this is very useful
[00:19] for your employees
[00:21] as far as
[00:22] recognizing phones that have been purchased from you
[00:26] versus phones that
[00:28] have nothing to do with your business
[00:30] so what you can do is
[00:31] you can click this Serial Tracking link here
[00:34] next to the Inventory box
[00:39] and let’s say someone comes into your store
[00:41] and they claim they purchased a cellphone from you
[00:44] this is just a quick check
[00:45] where you could scan the serial number of the phone
[00:49] and if it
[00:51] has nothing to do with your business
[00:52] you’ll simply get this error message
[00:54] that says “No serial item was found!”
[00:56] now if the phone
[00:58] was a part of your business
[01:00] you’ll get a full report here
[01:01] that shows you exactly
[01:04] when you received the item
[01:05] and inventory
[01:06] all the way up to when you sold it to the customer

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