[Video] Count Stock

[00:05] we do have a feature on Wireless Standard
[00:07] for account stock
[00:09] now keep in mind
[00:11] you’re going to want to make sure you do this on off hours
[00:13] because
[00:14] it’s basically going to
[00:16] put everything on hold until it’s fully reconciled
[00:19] the way it works
[00:20] again you click Inventory Adjustment here on the left
[00:22] and then you click Count Stock
[00:25] and you’re just going to
[00:26] select whether
[00:27] you want to do a full count stock
[00:29] of all of your items that are in the system
[00:30] or if you want to separate it and just do say the serialized items
[00:35] such as cell phones
[00:36] or accessory items
[00:44] and then what your employees are going to do is
[00:46] they’re going to look up the products
[00:47] they could scan the UPCs
[01:22] okay, and then
[01:23] they’re basically going to type in the physical quantity here
[01:28] as to
[01:29] you know how many are physically being counted
[01:33] when they’re done doing this
[01:36] the manager or the administrator
[01:38] can go in here and reconcile the Count Stock document
[01:42] so they would simply click Reconcile here
[01:45] and then you would pull up the document
[01:52] and it will let you know
[01:53] if there is anything overstocked
[01:56] or if there is a deficit
[01:59] and everything that was matched
[02:05] and you can
[02:06] make adjustments
[02:07] as necessary to your products
[02:10] so it gives you the physical quantity
[02:12] what the system says that you should have
[02:15] and then the difference
[02:23] and when you’re done you’re simply going to click Post
[02:26] and that will fully reconcile
[02:29] all of your stock

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