How to process deposit transactions

Let's say you have a customer at your store who would like to leave a deposit until next week.
To process such transaction users will need to add the deposit to the customer's store account and then accept remaining payment next time during the sale.

For example, the client would like to buy a phone for $120.
1- Go to POS and click on Customer sale.
2-Create a customer profile, and add all required details.
3-Click on operation > Accept payment > add the client's first deposit $20 Cash or credit card and print receipt.
When the customer returns to make the purchase, proceed with following steps:
1- Go to POS and click on Customer sale.
2- Find and select the same customer profile.
3- Add the phone to shopping list.
4- Click on total to tender the transaction.
5- Add $20 to Store account payment type, and $100 Cash or credit card, then tender the transaction.
The customer store account will remain $0

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