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Wireless Standard Reporting 3.5

Period over Period Reports

You asked for it, and we delivered! Wireless Standard Reporting has a new report folder - MoM/YoY – Month over Month/Year over Year – This folder contains 2 new reports:

  • "Period Over Period Activation Sales" report
  • "Period Over Period Product Sales" report

These reports allow you to compare sales data (such as quantity, revenue, profit, etc.) for a selected period against the prior period or against the same period in the previous year. You can also compare two custom periods.

FTP Report Subscription

Process reports automatically and save yourself the hassle of manually extracting them and emailing them to your team. Our Wireless Standard Reports can now be customized, subscribed to and delivered to an FTP location.

Sales Transaction Detail Enhancements

In the Sales Transaction detail report, you can determine the Contract Type of the Activated Devices - all in one easy to use and customize report. Just look for the column header “Contract Type” and filter and/or group this detailed report to your liking. Additionally, we also added another column - “Referrals” – which can help you get a better understanding of where your customers came from and which marketing techniques are working the best for your business.

Activation Details Report Enhancement

The SP/PO Code (Service Plan/Plan Option Code) column has been added to the Activation Details Report for your convenience. Having the SP/PO Code will allow you to quickly identify key information provided by your carrier in a neat and organized manner, allowing you the ability to filter and group to simplify your reporting needs.

CSV Subscription Option

You now have the ability to subscribe and export any Grid or Pivot report as either Excel or CSV files. 

Manual Payment Indicator

Our new “Show Manually Processed Payment” option, manual payments and payments made through the integration will now be labeled and displayed to provide you with a more accurate count of how many Bill Payments your location(s) has been processing, and which employees need additional training.

My Commissions Widget

We are slowly beginning to phase out Online Reporting (OLR). If you are currently using WSR only (have the OLR disabled), you can now display your employee’s commissions real-time in the “My Commissions” widget in the Welcome Center.

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