Adding New Product

Please follow next steps in order to create New Product profile:
Click on the Product Manager from the Inventory menu
At the Product Manager window:
1. Click on Create New button (Green Plus Sign), which will open following window:
Figure1. Product Editor

2. Please fill in the following fields:
A2. Product/Service Short Name - a basic product short name – this will appear on Sales Receipts to be seen by customers
B2. Product/Service Full Name - product full name (with product description) – this text appears on Inventory Documents to be sent to Vendors.
C2. UPC (SKU) – Optional – this is usually a manufacturer code filed with US Federal Government that identifies a product, but can be any combination of numbers and text as desired.
D2. Department and Category - allows you to structure your inventory in a manner where you can filter various reports by Department and Category
E2. System Category is Wireless Standard security feature which makes sure that only a phone and a sim card can be attached to the activation at a point of sale
System Category Types are:
- Accessory – products normally sold for use in combination with a phone such as a case or charger
- Cell Phone - any Cell Phone
- Sim Card - any Sim Card
- Regular - any Product except Cell Phone or Sim Card
F2. Inventory Type defines whether the item is serial (cell phone, sim card), standard (accessory), or non-inventory (repair, shipping)
G2. Manufacturer/Provider is a product’s manufacturer. To select a manufacturer:
1G. Click the Green Arrow button (look-up)
2G. Search for desired manufacturer
3G. Once manufacturer is displayed, double click on it so it populates into Product/Service
At the Editor window:
H2. Cost is the value dealer expects to pay when purchasing product from a vendor
I2. Retail Price is the amount dealer will charge the customer to buy product
J2. Min Price field is no longer in the product editor screen. To set up a minimum price you can use coupon\discount manager.
K2. Tax Code defines if the product is taxable or non-taxable
L2. Active - by enabling this check-box this product becomes active in your database

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