Welcome Center

The purpose of the welcome center is to have a place where all employees can view important messages and see key performance indicators.
The welcome center can be configured through the drop down menu in administration tools. The time clock assures that everybody see the messages. Different fonts and colors can be used, jpeg images uploaded and web browsers inserted.

A variety of widgets can be added to the welcome center, relocated and resized to accommodate the information you want shown. Welcome center screen can be seen all across the company by anybody who opens it using the welcome center icon.
The widget work-space that can remain open or closed and share the screen with other Wireless Standard modules such as the POS, it is seen by location.

The widgets within the widget workplace are a good place to display individual key performance indicators, the B2B support team will load your metrics into your system.

End users, with the correct administrative permissions can create widgets, edit the bulletin board, open or close the widget workplace and configure the welcome center. Those without the correct administrative permissions can only view it; the content is protected but easily changed.

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