Location Manager

To view the location manager point to my company from the manage menu.
The location manager opens and shows the company name at the top and a hierarchy of locations from Divisions, Regions and Districts.
When running sales and inventory reports you can group stores by this hierarchy.

To add a location:

1. Right click on the district
2. Name the store; display name shows on customer receipts, full name on some reports.
3. Add additional information that will show on the customer receipt such as address & phone number. Wireless Standard can be configured to have all stores share the same location information on customer receipts.
4. Choose location type: Retail / Warehouse.
5. Choose the time zone of the location.
6. Name a supplier; this is important if you are using the SOS module.
7. If you export to an accounting application name the location in both fields in the accounting tab.
8. Store expenses can be documented and totaled in the expense tab.

The geographic View shows the store hierarchy. Check the “show active only” box to see current locations.
Locations cannot be deleted, only made inactive. If you choose the store view you will see just the locations listed without Divisions, Regions or Districts.
Licenses need to be added to add locations and you can see how many licenses you own and how many locations are being used.

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