Employee Commissions set up in Wireless Standard

Navigate the main menu to open the employee commission rule manager.

Once you have opened the rule manager you will need to name profiles for the different commission structures you are paying. You may have 1 structure for sales & another for managers; you can have as many profiles as you would like. Name the profile, click add & the profile is added to your list.

The next thing you need to do is go back to the employee profile editor and assign a profile to each employee that is to be paid a commission on their sales. Refer to the section on User Administrator.

Now that you have profiles set up & have assigned these profiles to employees you can begin to structure the commissions for the profiles; choose the profile from the drown menu. You can pay different commissions on products, service plans & plan options.
Highlight one of the 3 commission options and the system shows the rule details. Employee Commissions in Wireless Standard can be set to pay on a flat rate, % of the sale or a % of the gross profit.
You can also choose not to pay a commission on a product, service plan or plan option. You can set rules to increase commissions paid as the price of the item sold increases.
By opening the sales commission items tree you can pay a different commission on different products, service plans or plan options. The “delete level” button allows you to delete a commission rule.

Once you have completed the set up for this profile, click “save changes” and the commissions for this profile are saved and will be applied to all employees who are assigned this profile in the employee profile editor.
Once 'Rule saved successfully' message appears that will mean that commission rules were applied. It is important to understand that we assign commissions to a profile and a profile to an employee.


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