Carrier Commission Set Up

​There are three steps to be completed in order to set up and reconcile commissions received from carrier:
- Create a template and map it with a carrier commission compensation file;
- Reconciliation through Commission Reconciliation Manager;
- Check results with Commission Payment Manager.

Part I. Template creation and mapping

Go to Commissions -> Commission Reconciliation -> Reconciliation Template Manager:

Click on “New” button with green plus sign to create a new template

Once you select a new template, on a “General & File Settings” tab, please enter a name of the template, select carrier from a drop down list, type Excel Sheet name and set row range of your Commission Excel File received from Carrier.
Click “Next” button at the bottom of “New Template” window (or click on “Field Mapping” tab)

NOTE: Sheet Name can be found at the bottom left corner for your Excel Sheet

In a “Field Mapping” tab please set:

- “Actions” -> single -> Activation (From dropdown list),
- “Product Types”-> Single -> Plan,
- “Commissions & Deposit Mapping” -> commission -> commission amount -> set Excel column letter that stands for commission amount. Click on “Next” button at the bottom of this window

NOTE: If you have your equipment rebate, spiff or deposit listed as a separate column in Excel from Carrier you can also assign a separate letter for it.

Values mapping example:


Under “Matching & Criteria” tab you need to specify by which criteria Wireless Standard will search and compare records from your WS and carrier compensation file.

Please select ESN line in “Mapping Fields” and assign appropriate letter of the column where all ESNs are listed in your Carrier Commission file. Under “Criteria” please select “ESN” from dropdown list and click on “Next”

Under “Payment Status Rules” tab please select Payment Types and set corresponding Action Type, Payment Status and Payment State, once done, please click on “OK” button at the bottom right corner

Part II. Commission Reconciliation Manager

Go to -> Commissions -> Commission Reconciliation Manager


Select Carrier Commission Compensation file that is saved on your computer.
- Choose Template
- Select Service Date
- Locations
- Commission item, Payment status and state
- Click on “start” button to reconcile

Once reconciliation is over, you will see message and 2 options at the right part of current window:


Select “Cancel” to cancel current reconciliation and initiate a new one.

Select “View” to view results.

After you click on “View” button, system will show you 3 tabs:

Matched – to see matched results:


Unmatched – to review Carrier Unmatched and Dealer Unmatched data


Statistics – to review summary


Part III. Commission Payment Manager

In Order to review reports on commission reconciliation results, please go to -> Commissions - > Commission Reconciliation -> Commission Payment Manger


Here you will be able to filter and run a report on your commission reconciliation results:


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