How to create schedules in WS

Schedule Manager

Description:This function allows the employer/supervisor to manage one or more store schedules.
Go to the “Manage” menu, go down to “Employees,” and select the “Schedule Manager” option:
Figure1. Schedule Manager

Environment description: You will notice that Schedule manager is very similar to the interface of Microsoft Outlook (Calendar view). However, it is enhanced for a retail schedule management environment.
At the top of the screen you have menu options, which allow you to perform various actions. In the left portion of the screen there are three sections: Calendar, your store list and the employee section.
The middle portion of the screen is the main working area. The bottom area of the screen contains a key legend for the various color shades used on the calendar display, representing work time, corporate, time-off*, published and unpublished and conflicting events.

The Time-off Request Manager can also be accessed from this screen.
1. To begin, select the store(s) for which you will be setting up a schedule.
2. Select the view type at the top of the screen: 1 day, 7 day or 31 day.
3. Select the first day of the schedule you wish to set up in the upper-left calendar area, “right click” on the blank space of the day on the calendar display for the following options:
· Create Work Time – Setting up a work time event for an employee.
· Create Corporate Event – Setting up a public event or schedule visible to all employees.
4. Select “Create Work Time.”

Figure2. Work Time Event
1. Select Store/Employee/Date/Hours
2. Click on the “OK” button.
3. Continue setting up work events for other employees and time slots.
4. To expedite the schedule set you may use the Copy feature: Click the “Copy” toolbar button, which will open the following window:

Figure3. Copy Schedule

At the “Schedule Copier” screen you may copy an arranged daily schedule.
1. Select 1 or more days (limit of 7 days) on the left side and select the same amount of days on the right side.
2. Select desired store on top of the window.
3. Click “Copy” which will copy scheduled events from day(s) selected on the left to the day(s) selected on the right.

This feature is very useful as you may copy established weekly schedules from week to week.
Please be sure to use “save and refresh” tool bar button to save your data. As you click on the “save and refresh” tool bar button you may notice that some events will appear with the “!” sign. That means that these events conflict with other events you have set up.
Figure4. Conflicting Events

To view conflict(s) description, double click on the conflict event and go to “Conflict” tab.
Figure5. Conflict Description

Conflict types:
  • Weekly Schedule exceeds employee normal allowed hours

  • Weekly Schedule exceeds employee overtime allowed hours

  • Time off request (pending/approved) conflicts with scheduled work event

  • Same employee scheduled in more than 1 store on the same day and time slot

It is a good practice to resolve conflicts prior to publishing the schedule for your employees, but you are not required to do so.
1. To publish the arranged schedule, you may select the range of work events by using <control> or <shift> keys, right click and select option “mark published” and then click the “save and refresh” tool bar button.
2. Once your work/corporate events are published and saved – your employees can print their work schedule or you may print Store/Employee work schedule from Schedule manager by clicking the “Print” tool bar button.
Figure6. Store Schedule Report

1. Type in any notes and announcements you wish your employees to see, and click on the “OK” button.
2. As with all events, the Corporate Event will not be seen by your employees until it is published, and the “Save & Refresh” button is clicked.
3. To publish your new schedule, select the area of the calendar relating to your schedule, click on the “Event” button, and select the “Mark Published” option.


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