Cash Register Closing Procedure - no Print option available

If user does not have an option to print a Z-Report during closing procedure please check his/her permissions in User Administrator Module:
1. Being logged in as WS POS administrator Go to Manage tab in WS interface
2. Click on Admin Tools
3. Choose User Administrator
4. Click on Role Manager at the top
5. Select role that your user(s) is assigned with
6. Scroll down to Sales Module, expand it, find Sales Reports section and then POS.
7. Find Z-report permission and make sure it is granted to the user(s)

Pic 1

8. Proceed to the next group of permissions under Products, Services and Tax module
9. Click on Products Manager Application 
10. Find Show Cost permission and make sure it is granted to the user(s)
Pic 2

11. Select Sales Module
12. Click on Cash Register
13. Choose Open/Close Register
14. Find Show System Count permission and make sure it is granted to the user(s)
Pic 3

Once all permissions are assigned, please log off and login back to WS for the changes to be applied


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