Inventory Adjustment configuration options in B2B Soft

Destination: File->Configuration->Store Inventory->Inventory Adjustment/Reconciliation tab

Inventory Adjustment configuration options are as follows:

Window #1 - Fill In Mode:

1. Scanning – B2B Soft shows a blank field when physical counts are displayed. Use this if you want to scan inventory and don’t want the person taking the inventory to see the products on hand.

2. Hide system quantity – If this is not checked the system will only return the scanned items. If you check this box Wireless Standard will show both the quantity you are scanning & the quantity the system has.

3. Check List – This allows the system to show you the quantity on hand in one column and leaves another column open to fill in the quantity you are entering.

4. Pre Fill Quantity – use this to show the system quantity and then overwrite it as you count the stock.

Window #2 - Data Entry Mode:

1. Scanning – Use a barcode scanner.

2. Manually Entering – Use your keyboard .

For Serialized Products:

1. Scan/Enter - Using or not using the serial number.

Window #3
Inventory Adjustment Add Default Cost Method:
Choose the cost method you will use when adding or deducting inventory from the system.

Window #4
Inventory Reconciliation Mode:
Gives you the choice of working with specific bins or specifying what departments and categories you want to count.

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