User Administrator Module

​This is where you set up users in the system, assign employees to a location, create credentials and the correct roles that will allow each person to perform functions that are pertinent to his job and be certain that users have an appropriate level of access to the system.

The first action is to set up user roles and assign each role permissions; this is done in the Role Manager. Use the toolbar to create new roles, delete roles, edit, copy, or reset. The legend at the bottom describes the significance of each icon. The permissions tree lets you give or take away user rights to a certain role. Right click and you can assign a group of user rights.

Double click on the box and you turn the box either red or green to give or take away that specific user privilege. When the role has the correct set of permissions, click, save and then move to the next role.

Once you have set up the necessary roles for your organization you can create users and then assign each user to a role. You can go back and edit these roles as many times as you like, create new roles or delete roles. Wireless Standard will warn you if you try to delete a role that has users assigned to it.

Also, pay attention to the bottom portion of the screen: Create user (create new user profiles); Modify user ( make adjustments in User profiles); Reset Password


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