Purchase Order Receiving - Bill

The purpose of the Bill is to create a document to match up against the vendor invoice, record a payment and close out the receiving document.

1. Point to the Bill in the purchase order module of the Inventory workcenter.
2. Choose the vendor you want to create a Bill for, Wireless Standard will populate locations and purchase order receiving documents in the drop down menu. Check the receiving # you want to create a bill for.
3. Check the box to the left, click okay and the receiving document populates the bill.

4. Enter the date the Invoice is due.
5. Post the Bill, there is no draft function for a Bill.

The Bill can now be matched to a vendor invoice to substantiate the receipt of merchandise. Once the invoice is paid the Bill can be changed to a closed status. The Bill changes the status of the purchase order receiving document.

You can see an individual Bill by clicking on the hyperlink/Bill #.


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