Suggested Items Update in WS

1. Choose suggested items update from the mode drop down menu in the products & services menu.

2. Use the filters to choose the inventory items you want to attach suggested items to, typically these are phones.
3. Check off the phones you would like to have accessories attached to. You can check them off individually or check them all off as illustrated below.

4. Point to the set value icon, the below message will appear if you have items already attached to the products you chose.

Choose the radio button that describes the action you would like to take.
If the products you chose don’t have any suggested items attached to them the below window opens and you can click on the eclipse button in the Product ID field, this will bring you to the products and services manager.
Enter the Product ID of the accessory item you want to attach to the phones you selected; or search using the filters. Double click the line item and you return to the add suggested item window.

5. Set options and discounts on the add suggested items screen.
Configurable fields are:

Type – Determines if the suggested item must be on the customers invoice (mandatory) or if it can be removed (optional default) or if you need to check the item at the point of sale to add it to the customers invoice (optional).

Valid w. Plan Only – Valid with plan only; check this and a discount can only be used when a service plan is sold with the phone.

Disc w. Plan – The default amount the suggested item will be discounted when sold with a service plan.
Max Disc w. Plan – The maximum discount allowed on this item when sold with a service plan.
Disc w/o plan – The default amount the suggested item will be discounted when sold without a service plan.
Max Disc w/o plan – The maximum discount allowed on this item when sold without a service plan.
You can continue to add suggested items to the products you selected by moving down to the next line in the add suggested items window.
Click okay when completed and the phones you selected will now have the accessories attached to them and they will be viewed at the point of sale when the phone is sold.

A window opens at the point of sale when the phone is sold suggesting to the sales rep that the attached accessory would make a good addition to the sale.
Check the selected box (configured as optional) and then choose okay. The accessory is put on the customer invoice in Wireless Standard. When the accessory item comes down to the customer invoice you can see the full price and discounts.

There may come a time when you want to remove an accessory item from all phones that you previously attached it to.

Open the products & services manager and choose suggested items update from the mode drop down menu.
Point to the suggested items product and enter the number of the accessory. You can also search the inventory for the item using the available filters.
Double click on the line item and your selection appears in the suggested items product field.
Click the search button and all the phones this accessory item is attached to are listed.
Check the box next to the column headers to select the entire assortment, or check each phone you want detach the accessory item from. Choose the first radio button to remove the item you selected form the listing of phones.

The accessory item will no longer be suggested when selling these phones. You would perform this function if you become low on stock or want to replace the item with another.

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