Stock Maintenance in WS

Stock maintenance moves stock from one bin to another. These bins are user defined and act as sub locations within a location to better view and control merchandise such as damages or refurbished.

1. Use Dropdown menus to choose location and Bins.
2. Search for the products you want to move by using “Bulk Lookup”, this opens the stock viewer.
You can enter the product ID or UPC in the lookup field if you know it. Entering a serialized product number prompts the ESN/IMEI box to open so you can enter the serial number.

3. Select products, quantities and post.
About Bins: bins are created using the dropdown menu on the toolbar.
Create Bins by clicking new and then save. Check the active box, assign a description. Grade codes can also be created and defined from this screen, grade codes are used with trade in values. When creating Bins you can set rules and have default bins with reason codes.

Customer returned products will go to the “Retail” bin by default in the above configuration.
You can set up as many bins as you need. Some document types, such as customer returns, have various attributes.

A rep can choose a different bin at the point of sale for damages; the reason code defines the bin at the POS.


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