Quick Sale process

To process a simple accessory sale scan/enter the Product ID or UPC into the quick sale field.

Wireless Standard brings you to the next screen that creates a list of the items you are scanning. You can continue to scan items and when you have scanned all the items click the check out box.
You can use the red X to delete items you entered from the sales ticket. Wireless standard calculates tax and discount totals (savings) at the bottom of the screen; you can cancel the transaction at any time.
The add item button lets you add an activation sale or other types of more complicated transactions even though you started out with a quick sale. Click the check out button and Wireless Standard brings you to the tender screen.

Choose the tender type and click OK.
The tabs at the top of the tender screen allow you to split a sale with another rep, add a ship to address, a reference number, make notes to be seen on Wireless Standard reports or reference this sale to a pre-planned event that is set up in the customer referral list. This is typically used for radio, TV, or print promotions that the company wants to track.
You can print and or e mail a receipt to a customer.


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