Time Off Requests Manager

To request or view the status of a time off request go to the manage menu on the toolbar and select > employees >time off request.

Search using the filters for time off requests that are in the system.
You can filter for requests that have been approved, pending or all.
Additional data fields can be added to the request screen to see notes made by the employee or the manager.
To request time off click on new & fill out the information required. The system knows who you are by your login.
The time off request shows on the schedule.

Once approved the color coding changes according to the chart on the bottom of the schedule manager. Management uses the time off request manager to approve and comment on time off requests.
This updates time off requests with a status and changes the color coding of the status on the schedule.
The color coding has changed to show the employee is on vacation for the week that was approved.
Reports can be run form the schedule manager by selecting the drop down arrow from the print button.


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