Trade In set up in Wireless Standard

Trade in functionality accommodates the return of a used phone into Wireless Standard against the sale of a new one; you can create various values for the phone & choose what value to use at the POS.
A button will appear at the point of sale if the user has permissions to complete a trade in transaction.

The trade in permission must be activated in the role. See the user administrator section of this guide.
To use trade in functionality you will need to set up grade codes and create / choose an inventory bin the trade in phones are returned to.

Segmenting the bin allows you to better track your trade in phones. Once the bin is created you will need to create grade codes to describe and value the trade in. 

You can see more information about setting up bins in the section on stock maintenance. Move to the bin rule manager, create a trade in bin and make this bin the default; you can use any bin.
The next step is to set up the trade in on the phones in your inventory if you are taking back phones that you have previously sold. Select the phone in product/service editor and choose the trade in tab.
The grade codes you created appear and you can now set the value of each grade and make them active.

When you take this phone back as a trade in at the point of sale Wireless Standard will ask for the serial number, you can choose the value and the phone will be placed in the trade in inventory bin.
If a discount was chosen when setting up the grade code WS will apply that discount to the new phone.  You can choose bins other than the one set as default by using the drop down menu.

You will see trade ins on different reports depending on how you set up your department & category structure. You can use inventory reports and filter by the bin you use to see on hand quantities of trade in phones by location. If you do a lot of trade ins, you most likely want to create a trade in category.


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