Customer Sale process

To process a transaction with a customer’s information attached, start by clicking on the customer sale button; some companies mandate that all sales must be accompanied by a customer record.

This is an optional configuration in Wireless Standard.
'Choose Customer' screen opens; at this time you can either search for a customer or create a new one.
You can enter alphanumeric information into the search field to find an existing customer.
Wireless Standard can be pre-configured to have default searches such as mobile number or last name.

Entering search criteria will either attach a customer record to the sale or bring up the account manager for further searching, depending on how accurate the search is or how many similar records are there.
Since there is only one record with Justin in it the customer record is immediately attached to the sale.
If there are multiple records with matching search criteria Wireless Standard displays the customer account screen.
To choose a record, double click on it and the record becomes attached to the sale. You can continue with the sale once the customer is attached, some transactions require a customer.


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