Installing a receipt printer in Wireless Standard POS

These instructions are provided as general guidelines for installing a POS receipt printer for use with Wireless Standard POS. The actual steps for your device might happen in a slightly different order, include additional or fewer steps, or vary in other ways. Consult the installation instructions provided by the device manufacturer for details.
  1. Unpack the receipt printer from its packaging and make sure all the parts are there.

In addition to the printer, these parts might include a power cable or AC adapter; a USB, serial, or parallel cable for connecting the printer to the computer; a roll of printer paper; and an installation CD-ROM.
Note: If the USB, serial, or parallel cable is not included, be sure to obtain the exact cable recommended by the manufacturer.

     2. Connect one end of the USB, serial, or parallel cable to an available port on the computer.

     3. If necessary, connect the other end of the cable to the back of the printer.

     4. If necessary, connect the power cable or AC adapter to the back of the printer.

Note: A USB receipt printer might not have a separate power cable; instead, it takes its power from the computer via the USB port.

     5. Plug the other end of the power cable or AC adapter into an electrical outlet.

     6. If Windows detects the new hardware, follow the on-screen instructions only if the printer is a Windows printer.

Note: If you go through the Windows hardware setup process and an error is detected, contact the device manufacturer for assistance before continuing with the installation.

     7. Install the driver for the printer.

· Make sure you are using a device driver that is compatible with your current operating system.

     8. Test the device.

· Open Notepad and type some text. On the File menu, click Print, select the receipt printer in the Select Printer box, and then click Print. If the text file prints on the receipt printer, the device is working.

If the device is not working, STOP HERE. Make sure the device is connected properly and plugged into an electrical outlet. If you still cannot get it to work, contact the manufacturer.

     9. Configure the device in POS

 - Click on a Wireless Standard icon on your desktop.
 - On a login screen in right bottom corner click on “Configure” button.
 - Configuration screen should pop up, then go ahead and switch to a second tab - “POS equipment”.
 - Under the “Receipt Printer” make sure to select “Windows Configured Printer”, after that you will be prompted with a blank field below, click on it and select your printer model.

(If you do not see your model over there – it means that drivers were not properly installed, go back to item #7)

- Click “OK” button, login to Wireless Standard and try to print a receipt


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