Creating a new coupon/discount

To create a new coupon login to your Wireless Standard POS:

1. Click on Manage Tab
2. Select Product and Services
3. Choose Coupon/Discount Manager

Following window will be opened:

In the screen above you can create a new coupon/discount by clicking "New" button or manage the existing items.

4. Click "New" button to create a Coupon:

In the following screen you can choose the type of item you want to create: discount, coupon or promotional bundle; as well as select whether this item will be applied to single products (Product driven) or to products that are sold together with an activation.

5. Enter Coupon name and short description (optional) on the next screen.
6. Enter SKU for the given discount. This field is mandatory, you will not be able to create a coupon without SKU. It may contain between 1 and 15 characters of your choice.
7. You can choose specific time range, dates and days of week when the discount will be applicable. If you want discount to be permanent don’t make any changes.

8. In Discount method drop down menu choose one of the offered types for discount, it could be:

· Discount amount – fixed discount amount
· Discount percentage – Percentage of the retail price
· Price Match – competitor discount (cannot be applied automatically)
· Price Amount – fixed product price

9. Once the type is chosen, you can select the location where given discount is available.
10. In the limit field you can choose the limit for the discount – it can either be a minimum value for the product price with the discount or the limit for the discount value.
11. The last drop down menu – Users, allows you to choose business groups that will be able to apply the discount. Note: If the discount set as automatically applied, this menu will be grayed out and inactive, so all the employees will have the discount applied automatically.
12. Go to the second tab – Advanced:

13. On this tab you can make the product discount automatically applied, so any time you have selected a product in POS the discount will be applied automatically.
14. The second checkbox allows you to stack coupon with other coupons and discounts. When unchecked, the given discount will not be stackable (can only be applied separately from other discounts).
15. Next option allows user to apply coupon with Price Profile 
16. Multiple applying options allow to select how many coupons of that type can be applied to one transaction or product
17. Go to the third tab - Applying Criteria:

18. Select the products to which this coupon will be applied. You can choose either specific product or the whole department/category or products from specific manufacturer.
19. Click OK to save the coupon.


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