Business Group - Discount

In order to give your employees permissions to use coupons and discounts you need to include them into one of existing Discount groups.

Login to WS and follow the below: 

1. Manage Tab
2. Click on Administration Tools
3. Select User Administrator,
4. Double click on employee profile and go to Human Resources tab

5. Click on Discount drop down menu and choose one of the group.

6. Click save when completed.

To create a new business group for discounts: 

1. Go to Manage Tab
2. Select Administration Tools 
3. Choose Business Groups
4. Click on discount tab to see the existing business groups for discount.

5. To create a new group simply start typing the group name in the new row.
6. Click save when done.

While creating a new coupon or discount, system will allow you to choose for which business groups the item will be available.


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