Commission Pricing Matrix Manager

To maintain and change commissions and equipment rebates that a carrier pays to a dealer, please refer to the commission pricing matrix manager in Wireless Standard.
This tool can also be used to change/discount the price of phones when they are sold with a service plan at the point of sale in keeping with carrier promotions or company discount policies.
Login to WS POS and go to Commission Tab and choose Comm./Pricing Matrix Manager:

To change the commission a carrier is paying:
- From the setup drop down menu choose plan or plan option.
- Use the filters to narrow the assortment and work with the carrier of your choice.
- Choose the market, contract term and type; the group & service plan you want to change.
- Select search and Wireless Standard returns the plans.

Wireless Standard will return the following error message if your search parameters are too broad and will return too many records to work with at one time; the system is designed this way to maintain the speed of data return.

If you see this message go back and narrow your search by applying more filters.
Use the tab key to select the field you want to make changes to, you can select all from a column or work with each line individually.

Click set value and select the value you want to work with.
Once you enter the value and the change you would like to make, click OK. Wireless Standard will apply the change to the selected records.
Save the changes you made and Wireless Standard will now calculate the new rate when using the commission reconciliation tool and the commission item manager.

To make changes to equipment rebates that a dealer receives from a carrier, choose equipment rebate in the set up menu and use the filters to narrow to assortment Wireless Standard returns.
When working with equipment rebates 2 additional fields open, phone model and location; choose accordingly.
Wireless Standard returns your selection; you can now choose the rebate amount and the valid dates of the rebate suing the same controllers used to work with service plans and plan options.
Save your work and the rebates are recorded.

To change the price of a phone when it’s activated with a service plan choose the pricing on activated phone option in the commission pricing matrix manager.
Wireless Standard shows the profit on the phone with the new price.
When paying employee commissions a dealer has the option to bundle the phone and the plan to calculate the true commission value.


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