Sales Log Viewer in Wireless Standard

Sales log viewer is a great tool to see sales records. There are different filters available to look up sales and an assortment of data columns. Log viewer's top pane shows the sale and the bottom pane shows the details of that sale.

Top pane gives you an ability to perform search thru Search Parameter screen where you can search by Store, Customer or Serial (serial number). While on this tab you can search by From/To Date, From/To Amount or by Activation transactions by marking appropriate checkbox. 

In case you need to look for some specific transaction the best option would be going to Select by Transaction # tab, which will allow you to perform the search by entering a transaction number

Sales Log Viewer provides a wide range of sales ​data, including Credit/Debit Card Processor, First Data/Rapid Connect, Status of credit card payment, Notes (if there were any errors/exceptions thrown by your Credit Card Processor)

The bottom part of Sales Log Viewer screen is divided into 3 tabs: 


Items tab: 
Provides visibility for all products that were sold within selected transaction 

Payments tab:

Provides the list of Credit/Debit Cards that were used in a specified transaction and includes Credit/Debit Card number, Card Holder Name, Authorization Code, Credit Card Type, Status etc.

Sales Person Commissions tab provides the list of all active users in your system and will have the check mark towards that user who actually processed the transaction and will be receiving commissions.

​​Customers that were selected by the sales person during Customer Sale or regular sales are showing up as hyperlinks (bright blue font color). Clicking each link takes you directly to the customer profile screen where you can make notes, check all sales and activations for the specific customer, etc.

At the bottom portion of Sales log Viewer Screen you can see that Activation is hyperlinked as well. Clicking on ACT will redirect to Activation Screen where Activation details are available for review: Carrier, Service Plan, Phone Serial number, SIM Card etc.

Last tab - Additional Info, a screen that shows how exactly Activation was processed: manually or via carrier`s interface.

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