Ingenico iPP320/350 Pinpad Set Up for Wireless Standard via USB

This article provides instructions for configuring the Ingenico iPP320/350 Pinpad to use a USB connection.

Step 1: Connect your new PIN Pad
- Plug the USB cable of the pin pad to the computer. (We highly recommend to connect it to a back panel of your system unit).
- The Pin Pad screen should light up.

Step 2: Install the device Drivers
The driver for the USB cable can be downloaded from:

Step 3: Unplug the pinpad from your computer and plug it back in. You should see “Ingenico” on the display of the terminal.

Step 4: Determining which COM port is being used by the USB Cable

Even when the USB Serial cable is used, the computer still thinks the iPP320/350 is connected to a COM
port. To make sure that your Windows system has assigned proper COM port to the terminal (same port you indicated in “Force COM port” setting during the driver installation), follow these steps.

4. Switch to the second Tab “Port Settings” and click on “Advanced

5. Make sure that you have the same COM Port (e.g. 3) assigned.

6. Remember or write down the COM port number which was assigned by your Windows PC

Step 5: Set up the IPP 320/350 in Wireless Standard

1. Right click on your Wireless Standard icon and select an option “Run as Administrator”

2. On a login screen in right bottom corner click “Configure” button

3. Switch to the second tab “POS equipment” and in “Pin Pad” area select “Ingenico IPP3xx”. Make sure to set the same COM PORT (e.g. 3) which was previously designated by your Windows system (for more details check Step 4.6)

4. Press “OK” at the bottom.

Step 6: Login to Wireless Standard with your credentials and verify you are able to process credit/debit card transaction.


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